2018 has been quite an interesting year for the creative designs business space in general, with bold moves away from general trends of minimalism and functionality towards bolder and more daring artistic expression of designers with a dash of old school nostalgia. So, we are looking at 7 of the coolest trends in logo designs of the year 2018, to take a closer look at these changes.

Now, just for the record, a logo is, without doubt, one of the most important asset to a company, central to its brand strategy. So, it's no wonder companies pay special attention to getting the right logo that gives the right impression of their organization to their target audience.


Is it true or false that the most expensive logo costs US$1.28 billion?

With this in mind, we will take a cruise through the year 2018, to see how the biggest players in the creative space are interpreting the brands of the best companies, with an eye for the possible trends for the next year. These are 7 of the coolest trends in logo designs of the year 2018:

1. Minimalism and Functionality

Even though this has dominated our screens and media for the past few year, it does not seem like it is planning on going on a vacation anytime soon. Hence, with its obvious appeal as well as its utility, it is gradually edging towards orthodox status, as most people are developing creative ways of incorporating it into their logo designs regardless of the design concept they are adopting for their project.

Design Shack Abstract Triangle Minimalist Logo

LogoMoose A geometric and minimalist logo design of an octopus.

LogoMoose Simple bird unused logo.

2. Responsive, contextual logos

Some years ago, it will be considered a taboo for a company to alter its logos for any reason, but it look like we are witnessing a rapid change in the trends now. Now, responsive logos are not just limited to shrinking on a small screen, they now include Subtle design considerations, such that the icons and logos are flexible enough to adapt to different contextual rendering without loosing its message, identity and power. So, logos are not just created for its aesthetics alone, it must be versatile enough to be adapted to different platforms from gigantic billboards to retina icons on your mobile browser without loosing its identity.

enigma.swiss premier league logo

JUST™ Creative Logo Design Trend 2019: Responsive Logos

Sympli Slack monochrome logo

3. Architectural inspiration

While this is not a new trend, it has experienced a brief revival in the last few years after a brief hiatus, from mainstream design. Though the basic concepts remains the same, the modern architecture inspired designs are somewhat with a modern twist, with emphasis on minimalism and functionality in most cases.

Digital Synopsis Creative Architectural Logos For Design Inspiration - Burj Khalifa

Logo design Inspiring logo designs in 2018

HeyDesign Logo Design Inspiration by Dominika Marzec

4. Pushing metaphors to the extreme

The previous years have witnessed a revival of very expressive designs, as designers are coming up with bolder and more creative ways of expressing the ideas of clients. Though the use of metaphors in logo designs is not new to graphic designers, it is experiencing a revival in use in mainstream graphics designs. With the recent rise of bolder creative expression in logo designs, as opposed to functionalism and minimalism, which has dominated the screen of designers in the past few decades, the use of extreme metaphors by graphic designers has become a natural by product.

dribbble.com e shaped with an elephant trunk in negative space.

Pinterest A blazing fast bunny logo

99Designs Lightbulb logo design for idearoute

5. Fun! (Creating an energy and vibe.)

With the current state of economic gloom and uncertainty in most parts of the world today, it's no surprise that designers have opted for happier and more fun filled logo designs. This seems logical as people will naturally gravitate towards the brighter and the more happier parts of life in not so happy times. It usually consists of the use of bright colors and cute and fun characters in the design. This might continue for sometime into the future and i'd say it is a breath of fresh air too.

Pinterest Fun logos - Shinyee Lim

Pinterest play / fun / logo

Pinterest fun logos

6. Experimental techniques in typography

Experimenting with typographies has always been a fascinating concept for designers and the previous years have seen a sort of intensification of this technique. This typically involves experimentation with the development of new typographic shapes as well as the modification of pre-existing ones.

Logo design Inspiring logo designs in 2018

Always Happy People Typography Logos Names

O2O Creative Inspirational typography logos.

7. Simple typography paired with monograms

There’s always be a place for the classics. We are witnessing an integration of vintage trends with modern design trends.  Designers are honing their skills with classic typefaces of the past, which involves giving precise attention to the basic parameters of logo typography: typeface choice, kerning and letter-spacing.

by ProDesigns

Pinterest Modern Monogram Logos

Quora Simple typography paired with monograms


Actually, British Petroleum's new logo is widely held by most as the most expensive logo in the world at a price tag of $210 million. Though in actuality that was the cost of the overall rebranding project. The actual logo was said to cost about £4.6 million. Still a sizable sum I would say.

And, on a final note,

If you are planning on starting a new company or you just want to remake the image of your existing one, you can take advantage of the evolving trends in the industry and create an image for your organization that will strike the right cords in the minds of your target audience.


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Credit to:

www.99designs.com and www.logolounge.com for the inspiration on the list.

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