The Image Makers Company has worked with reputable companies like: Heritage Banking Company Limited, CourierPlus Nigeria Limited, The Baptizing Church, Mikano Nigeria Limited, Tranos Nigeria Limited, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc., Aircus Afric, Epicana Lounges And Bars, Yah-Rapha Speech Clinic, Creations de Cruce, Royal Touch Communications Limited, Kings and Queens Magazine, Micronets Nigeria Limited, Starwood Global Concepts, Soughout Stores, Talhus Nigeria Limited etc.


Our operational platforms at The Image Makers Company were built upon our core belief that the principles for producing excellent creative products and services can be learnt, perfected and reproduced at will. This is why we work diligently, round the clock until perfection is achieved.

Our Creative Designs Community

The creative designs community is a community of highly skilled and motivated creative designer who offer technical support to our in-house creative designs team. The community is created by carefully selecting the best designers around; we subject them to rigorous training with latest trends and technologies so ensure that they are the best in their chosen fields, always. Therefore, with the benefit of this vast pool of creatives, you are sure you are always in the right hands.

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You Get the Best Hands Always

Our very effective profiling and project management systems were designed to helps us know the specialty of each of our designers. We only recommend specialists in the field that fits your particular job. You do not need to worry about getting the best man for the job, we will do that for you. Our job does not just stop at connecting you with the best hands for the job; we provide the right tools for our teams to ensure that the right person does the job for you, rightly!

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The 4-Man Team Project Implementation Matrix.

To ensure that you always get the best for your money, we employ the use of the 4-man project implementation matrix for all verified jobs. Here, for the price of one designer, you get the service of 4 specialist designers for your project. Through this system and other quality assurance measures, we ensure that only the best quality jobs are delivered to our clients, ALWAYS.

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Our Very Efficient Research and Development System

We are of the firm belief that excellence in creative designs can be learnt and taught. So, we constantly research on new trends and information in the different fields of creative designs, make this information available to our team and our creative designs community, so that only the best in the fields are available to our growing customer base. This is why we do not just call ourselves creative designs agency; we are an elite community of creative designers who share a common commitment of enforcing the values of total excellence in the creative designs business space.

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