TIMC Food Packs makes innovative packaging for foods and snacks. Our products include Shawarma wrapper, Popcorn wrappers, Fish wrappers etc. TIMC Food Packs is a brand of The Image Makers Company, a fast growing innovative creative designs and branding agency located in Lagos Nigeria.

As part of our social impact strategy, we use our business to help empower individuals in our communities by helping them build viable businesses from different stages of our value chain ranging from production through to marketing and business development. We help train them to acquire the necessary skills they will need and then incorporate them into our value chain, so helping them create a viable sources of income.

The Independent Distributorship Program is a program designed to help empower individuals to build viable businesses by retailing and distributing our different products to potential customers within their locality. We develop workable marketing and business development models, we train the participants on how to build their businesses and then provide all the technical, administrative and financial support for them to use these information to build their business, distributing these products to their business area.

Our products

Our products range from packaging, customized wedding cards, our clothing line and so on. Of these, only TIMC Food Packs is being promoted by the Independent Distributors. More products will be added as the program progresses. So, how do you make money from the program? Independent distributors buy the items from us at a discounted distributors price and then sell it at the recommended retail price. In addition to this, they also have the opportunity to become Super Distributors by recruiting and building a network of Independent distributors usually tied to a Catchment Area.

The Pouch Shawarma Wrapper

The Pouch Shawarma Wrappers is our flagship product. While the pop corn is only available on demand basis in customized wrappers for now and other wrappers are still in development, only The Pouch Shawarma Wrappers is in full production. More products will be added to the program as it progresses.

The Pouch Shawarma Wrappers are available in generic and customized designs:

Generic wrappers

The generic wrappers is the common ones which has only Shawarma on the body. These are the main ones we are selling.

Customized wrappers

However if a customer specifically orders for wrappers with their names on it then we will tell them they need customized wrappers. Customized wrappers will be exactly like the generic wrappers but with the client's name and information on the body.

Some special features of our wrappers that makes it superior to other types of wrapper are:

1. The inner of the wrapper is treated so that the Shawarma juice don't drip on the body of the customer eating it.

2. It is portable and easy to use by the Shawarma sellers themselves. Just open it slip the Shawarma in and close.

3. It has a seal that keeps the Shawarma safe if they are carrying it to long distances and if their customers are not eating all their Shawarma at once they can reseal it and keep it safe again.

4. It is very beautiful and good for their brand before  their customers.

5. It is also sometimes cheaper than foil too.

It is basically better than using ordinary paper and foil. You can also bring up other advantages you see in the product too.

Technical and Administrative Support

Independent Distributors will have access to extensive technical and administrative support from us. We have developed a marketing strategy that each distributor can just follow the directions and use. This way you do not need to be an expert sales person, anyone can be an independent distributor. Also, we provide you with administrative support. In case your customers have challenges, they can call or WhatsApp us on our support line and we will provide all the help you need. It is the perfect side hustle for you to use in augmenting your income and for the unemployed who need to start making income also.

In addition, there will also be financial support in the form of soft loans for developing business, supplying products on credit and so on, available to fully verified members and based on recommendation of the Super Distributors, to help them in building their businesses too.


Independent distributors will be making up to 20% profit of the total sales that are made within their business. For example, if a bundle of Shawarma has a recommended retail price of N1,000, the vendor price will be N800 giving a profit of N200 which is a profit margin of 20%.  In addition to this, super distributors make additional money for every unit of product that are sold within their network of businesses.

It is important to note that incomes here are cumulative over time and is directly dependent on the consumption of the snacks only. So, your income is not in any risk of failing anytime soon. Specific pricing details vary for the different products.

We Are Recruiting

We are currently recruiting independent distributors who will build thriving businesses, promoting and distributing our products to potential customers (For example Shawarma sellers and so on), within their business areas. Independent distributors will get exclusive distribution rights in their business areas as well as access to full technical and administrative supports and a fully developed marketing plan. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity and become an independent distributor for our line of snacks wrappers.

More products will be added to the program, with the support systems as well as their own marketing plan developed for the Independent Distributors Program. The independent distributors can then choose if they want to add the new products to what they are currently distributing.

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