This document contains the guidelines of The Image Makers Company Creative Designs Community. It contains the rules that guide every member of the community and shall be binding on every member as long as they operate within the community. The Image Makers Company (herein after known as TIMC) reserves the right to change any aspect of these regulations without prior notice to anyone in the community. Please note that by continuing with the registration process and working within The Image Makers Company Creative Designs Community, you agree to be bound by the terms of the guidelines and regulations in this document.



The Image Makers Company is a creative designs and branding Agency located in Lagos, Nigeria, with the goal of promoting excellence in branding. Central to our strategic objectives is the creation of The Creative Designs community, which is a community of highly skilled and motivated creative designer who offer technical support to our in-house creative designs team. It is a platform where we assemble the most elite community of creative designers, give them access to the very best of training in the field of creative designs and provide them with access to work on projects alone or in teams, giving them the opportunity to bring their values and excellence to the fore in solving business and societal problems.

TIMC was not created to be just another creative design and branding agency, we have a vision of helping to cultivate a creative design industry in Nigeria, with the aim of helping it to reach its full potential of both regional and possibly global importance. We hope to do this by working with creative elements in the industry, helping to improve productivity and development of these interests by encouraging the adoption of global trends, technology and best practices as well as encourage the development of home grown innovations and technologies.

The Creative Designs community is central to achieving this objective and we are working round the clock to ensure that the creative designs community of TIMC is seen as a trail blazing force and a beacon of growth and advancement in the Creative Design industry of Nigeria.


Database and Profiles of Members

A database of every member of the creative designs community is maintained with the professional profiles. These profiles contain the skill types, proficiency level, job history within and outside the community and the portfolio of the designer. It is from this database that jobs are matched with designers with matching skill and competence for each project. This database is updated in real time as information is made available to the team.

Removal and suspension for Community

As much as possible, TIMC will only evict a member from the community only as a last resort. However, TIMC reserves the right to suspend or evict any member of the creative designs community at anytime, without prior warning, without suffering any liability whatsoever.

Contacting Designers for Projects

Also contained in the database is the contact information of the individual member. Care must be taken by the member to provide us with up-to-date contact information and the social media and communication platforms they have real time access to, for easy access when assigning a project. Please note that assigned projects will be reassigned to the next best fit if the assignee does not respond to job requests at the stipulated time. Please, members are advised to add as many media types as possible, in the order of importance, to increase the chances of being contacted for projects.

Products and Services Offered

Generally services offered are divided into 4 broad categories. Viz:

  1. Creative Designs
  2. Print Production
  3. Branding Services
  4. Enterprise Solutions (Corporate Services)

For a comprehensive list of the individual products and services we offer please visit the ‘services’ section of our website www.timc.com.ng.

Registration and Onboarding Process

Members are admitted into the community through a registration process that aims at ensuring that only members with the required skills and proficiency level needed at the time in the community is admitted. Admission is currently not opened to the general public, though everyone is free to apply, but only designers with the specific skills needed in the community will be admitted. Care is being taken so that everybody in the community has access to a decent amount of projects, however, no guarantee is given for any specific amount of jobs at anytime.

Membership Registration Fee

Please note that both registration and continuance in The Creative Designs community of TIMC is ABSOLUTELY FREE. No fee is required for registration or participation in the community. Only commission on projects is received by TIMC upon receipt of payment from the customer.

Proficiency Levels

Upon Registration, members will be categorized into 5 proficiency levels based on the review of the portfolios as well as test exercise. These include:

  • Entry: Basic, Use of design tools. For only bronze level clients
  • Advanced Beginners: advanced learners, Use of and Replication Templates. For mostly bronze level and lower level silver customer segments.
  • Competent: Standard level for designers. Interpretation of concepts given by potential customers. Will service up to gold clients.
  • Proficient: Advanced Designer. Will have to excel in Creativity and Concepts Developments. Will participate in some platinum projects with little or no complications.
  • Expert: Highest level of proficiency Customer Brands Concepts Development

To ensure that projects are always the best of quality available, admittance into proficiency levels is totally based on merits. Regular reviews of the quality of projects executed and the display of professionalism in their execution, with an evaluation tests, may be carried out to reevaluate the current levels of designers. These may result in a promotion or demotion of the member’s proficiency level. A notification will be sent during this process.


Project Implementation Platforms

Management of projects being implemented by members is done via online project management platforms. For each project, the project manager (PM) in charge of it will open a workspace and the design team for the project will be added into the workspace. The project milestones will already be created by the PM, and the main designer will be required to create his deliverables and assign to the team as appropriate with times of completion indicated. The links to the workspaces will be sent to the designs team by the project manager after it is created. The Project Management platforms being used currently will be communicated to members so each member can acclimatize themselves with it.

Operational/Production Procedure

Production procedures for each service category may vary slightly, but the general process will be summarized below with highlights on the variations in the different categories:

  • When a customer posts a job request, it is received and processed through our database and designers with the skill type and competence level fit will be contacted,
  • A detailed email of the job request (the product specifications, project duration and other details) of the project, will be sent to the designs team selected for the project. A follow-up alert will also be sent to the team on any of the chosen or preferred communications platforms.
  • Designers will be expected to respond to the alerts immediately if they are available for the project or not. If a designer is declining the project, he or she may reply via any of the media through which they were contacted. However, if they are accepting the projects they will be required to respond via any of the media also with a follow email of acceptance.
  • A job proposal should then be sent by the designer, within the stipulated time, indicating the counter pricing (if applicable) and the designer’s note, which includes the general concept and approach for the project. Please note that proposals will be treated based on first come first serve according to the terms and conditions.
  • The proposal with the best fit will be chosen and the designer contacted along with the other members making the 4-man project implementation matrix (does not apply to print production category), which make up the designs team.
  • Details of the project management workspace will be sent to the designs team and the project will be managed accordingly.
  • Clients may be added for reviews and comments during the project implementation process.
  • Payments are made after client accepts the final work.
  • Please note that calls will be made for speed orders and designers will be made to decide, on the spot, their availability to complete the project within the time allotted to the project.
  • Also, the procedure is modified for bronze orders. As templates will be sent to the clients and the template that is chosen will be given to the owner of the template. Other relevant members will be contacted to implement the project only with the unavailability of the owner of the template.

Please note that when negotiating on projects specifications and price with clients and customers, our in-house design team may contact any member of the community with the requisite skill for advice and we expect that every member contacted will respond promptly and positively as we are a team working together to advance a common goal.

Also note that proposals will be treated on a first come first serve basis before other considerations can be applied. It is therefore advised that you check your registered media as often as possible so that you do not miss out on jobs you would otherwise have been qualified for.

The 4-man Project Implementation Matrix

The 4-man project implementation matrix was designed to ensure that every design project form the community meets the requisite quality standards of the project as well as the organization. Here, 3 additional designers are chosen along with the primary designer and 2 may be at the same proficiency level or higher and one at a lower level where applicable. The three main aspects or dimensions of a design will be scrutinized by the members of the matrix team. Vis:

  • Professional Aspects: This basically includes the details of the required elements of the particular design or project, noting what is considered acceptable global best practice, ensuring that they meet global quality standards for the particular designs. This involves the analysis of technical details and professional checklists of the design elements to ensure it meets global standards and best practices. For example checking for the permalinks of a website, the labels of website footer, the visual balance of a design etc.
  • Function Aspects: This involves analysis that relates to the specifications of the particular project.  The designer analyses the specification document of the project and juxtaposes it with the implemented design to ensure it meets the specifications of the project, against the backdrop of the professional considerations above.
  • Aesthetics Aspects: This includes advice on elements that may increase the overall visual and aesthetic appeal of the design and project.

Please note that while every member of the team is expected to contribute their best to the success of the project, the main designer has overall creative authority of what advice to accept and what advice to decline, hence bears the overall responsibility for the success of the project.

This does not apply to print production service category

The quality control procedures

Apart from the 4-man project implementation matrix, every job submitted will be subjected to a quality control test that will ensure that the design was done in accordance with the specifications documents of the of the project and quality standards of The Image Makers Company.

Selection Procedure

Please note that the general rule for assigning projects will be on the basis of first come first serve. This will be the order that job request will be given. After job requests are submitted, this will also be the process that proposals will be considered. However, if proposals are not sent in within the stipulated time, the next member on the database will be considered.  If the next three on the database are not available, then proposals will be considered on earliest submissions received.

Community and Volunteer Projects

Also important to note is that the number of jobs you get will be greatly enhanced by participation in community, volunteer and in-house projects. This provides an opportunity to showcase your skills, increase your reach and increase the number of projects completed. Community or volunteer projects include projects that TIMC takes part in for the purpose of promoting our brand or the creative designs community, including campaigns, sponsorships, blogs, promotional materials etc., as well as those we take part in for the development of our local community. For every paid project gotten as a result of a volunteer project, the members of the volunteer team will be the first to receive the projects, before it is subjected to the regular selection process.


Enlistment Procedure

The registration process is summarized below:

  • You will visit https://www.timc.com.ng/the-creative-designs-community/ and fill the registration form or just send us an email to info@timc.com.ng, copying theimagemakerscompany@gmail.com, on your official communication email indicating the following information:
    1. Your bios (name, gender, phone number, contact information for project notification, state and city of residence etc).
    2. A brief work history indicating how long you have been using your skill
    3. Some samples of your best work on a pdf file or a zip folder)

All of reasonable file size.

  • After this you will be sent the Community Guidelines and Regulations and the Product Differentiation Policy, indicating the guidelines and regulations of the creative designs community as well as our products and client categories of our organization, so that you will indicate the services you will be offering).
  •  You will then fill the Products and Services Form as applicable to you, with the attachment of your portfolio that will be used to build your profile according to the guidelines contained in this document. Please your are expected to read these documents carefully as proceeding with the registration process, means you have accepted the terms and conditions in the Community Guidelines and Regulations and the Product Differentiation Policy documents.
  • After this, you will then be given some tests for the services indicated based on the service classes to determine your proficiency level for the services. Please note this is not a right or wrong scenario here, we just want to know the level to categorize you in. Decisions on whether to stay or not in the community is made at the first stage of this process, except for the case where the portfolio designs are not yours i.e. you cannot prove that you can reproduce it.
  • You will then receive a reply on the result of the test and indications will be communicated appropriately if we will need some more clarification for the services.

Please endeavor to register as many contact information as possible in the order of importance to you so that you can be contacted when a job request is sent to you.

Testing Process

Different product specific tasks will be given to new members to test different levels of proficiency. It is based on the performance on this tests that will determine the level of proficiency we will place each new member. The level of proficiency in turn determines the types of projects that will be given to the designer.

  • Entry: Basic, Use of design tools. For only bronze level clients
  • Advanced Beginners: advanced learners, Use of and replication of templates. For mostly bronze level and lower level silver customer segments.
  • Competent: Standard level for designers. Interpretation of concepts given by potential customers. Will service up to gold clients.
  • Proficient: Advanced Designer. Will have to excel in Creativity and Concepts Developments. Will participate in some platinum projects with little or no complications.
  • Expert: Highest level of proficiency. Customer Brands Concepts Development

Profiling Procedure for processing orders

We employ a very efficient profiling system for our database. Designers for the same product categories and competence level are set up on our database according to how they register. Projects are assigned to the top of the list and after the completion of the projects they go to the bottom to start all over. The process is important to ensure an equitable distribution of projects to every member of the community. This is except a client specifically requests for a particular member to implement their project. Also important to note is the fact that for every completed volunteer or community project, participating members will move up the database.


Service Segmentation

According to the balance between the budget and the brand requirements of our clients, we have categorized our services into 4 broad segmentations. Viz:

  • Katana (Bronze) – Code KTN
  • Zanpaktou (Silver) – Code ZPT
  • Shikai (Gold) – Code SHK
  • Bankai (Platinum) – Code BKI

They are divided based on the budget-customization balance. While the bronze level project have very strict budget base, platinum level projects are full customization projects with no budgetary limitations.

While the bronze level projects are open to every member of the community, silver levels are only open to advanced beginners (proficiency level 2) and above. Gold projects are open to only competent level designers (proficiency level 3) and above, and Platinum projects are opened to only proficient and expert level designers.

Pricing process through the registration form

The product differentiation form will be sent to every member of the community during the registration process. Kindly choose the products and services that you offer and fill in the prices accordingly. Please note that this price is subject to the recommended TIMC price for these projects. The recommended prices are gotten by intense market research and deployment of standard pricing policy by our business development team. This is in place to protect our clients from predatory prices while increasing our competitiveness.

Members of the community reserve the right to decline the recommended price for the product, in which case they will not be included in the execution of the product or service, until the vendor writes to accept the pricing policy for the product or service. Recommended prices will be sent to members whose prices are higher than our recommended prices to confirm if they will be willing to conform to our pricing policy.

Pricing procedure for the Bronze level services

For bronze level services, since templates will be used, the actual prices for each template will be set directly by the designer, based on the pricing guideline for the product. When a bronze level customer orders a product and the different templates for the product are sent to the customer, after the customer makes his or her choice, the project goes directly to the owner of the template for adaptation. If the owner of the template is not available, the next qualified designer from the database will be assigned the project. The beauty of the bronze level category is that for one template you can use it for as many customers as possible, while still retaining the copyright ownership of the design.

Payment Procedure

Payment is accessible every Monday of a new week or after 3 working days including Saturdays. Payments made after 12pm on Friday of a week, will be counted with the next week. Payments are made directly into bank accounts provided by designers in Nigeria, and into the PayPal accounts for designers outside Nigeria. These will be specially requested for during the registration process.