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When choosing the packaging for your products or even a gift item, you must understand that your packaging is not just for covering your product, it is an extension of the product and one of the most important for that matter.  It is the first part of your product that your customers interact with and quite frankly what will determine to a very large extent whether they will decide to go all the way with you. So, it is very imperative you try to keep your packaging up to date with modern trends in packaging and box designs to help your product stand out among others.

Ranging from your vintage packaging to the more modern packaging, your choice of packaging and box designs should also fit what you are selling. So, before deciding which direction to lean towards, when designing your product packaging, your first question must be what are you selling? Before the more obvious questions of who is buying and how it is being sold.

1. Minimalist packaging:

Beautiful full Telescope Lid Cardboard Box by Zealong Fruit Tea

TIMC Blog - Modern Food Packaging Trends and Ideas

Yellow and white minimalist Tuck Top Cardboard box

Minimalism as a trend in packaging and box designs, since it made its way into mainstream has shown no signs of taking a break anytime soon. I think the obvious appeal for minimalist designs is the functionality and efficiency it affords your product and by extension your brand, giving your customers confidence that your brand can deliver on its promises. Also, it helps clear the way for your customers to actually see what is important. It clears the room an gives your product a chance to shine. I personally believe that it is not moving anytime soon.

2. Unusual/Playful package graphics:

Brilliant Colored Corrugated Boxes

TIMC_Box Packaging


This could be a welcome departure from the more serious design styles with their commanding graphics and imposing, stern typefaces impress customers with their obvious sophistication or visual dominance. Playful packaging are perfect when you are trying to portray a fun side of your brand and are targeting the younger segment of the market. Playful colors, characters and graphics will get infants and children time and even adults who might want some adventure and a general break from the more serious aspects of living that we are all face every day. This will however be more appropriate for certain types of products and not others. I don’t think you will want to wrap exotic cigar in yellow carton box with a smile face.

3. Flat Illustrations:

TIMC_Box Packagingby

TIMC_Box Packaging


Flat illustrations have a long history in designs generally, and are seeing a gradual return to the front burner in recent times. Right from its origins in the in the 1920’s international typographic styles they have often manage to make reentries’ into the main stream from time to time. Its easy integration with the minimalist theme of designs has also made it favorite for many designers who are trying to make a statement without compromising their general minimalist theme of their designs. According to ‘Oftentimes we see flat illustration appear as simplified shapes that make blobs of color stand out, while text becomes more readable. These designs gain a crispness and clearness obtained by stripping away three dimensional effects.’ It is a personal favorite and because of its general flexibility it affords.

4. Transparent packaging:

Cool cardboard Box with round product display window

Cardboard Boxes with rounded square product window for displaying product.

This packaging trend went briefly out of the mainstream briefly because of the extra cost for making them. It has how every seen a brief resurgence in recent times. It help customers to take a sneak peek into the product itself and without necessarily opening it. Apart from the part that it is an easy way to make your product stand out on the shelf, it may even act as an extra means of convincing your potential customers to go all the way with your product. It helps build trust for your product and brand before your customers as they have the opportunity to see and possibly vet the product before they actually purchase it .

5. Vintage packaging:

Exotic vintage box

Look back to build the future has always been a trend in designing. They are perfect because of the nostalgic it gives and are usually used when you want to target older customers. As we know that every purchasing decision is over 80% emotional, trying to strike a chord with your product package is a way to go if you want to depend heavily on the sentiments of your target market to drive sales for your product and brand. According to Amanda Bowman of ‘Vintage designs also convey exclusivity. An old-fashioned look feels bespoke and unusual. That feeling lets a purchaser feel they’ve collected something rather than simply made a careless purchase.’’

6. Package graphics that tell a story:

TIMC_Box Packaging


Central to telling a compelling brand story is how you package your products. Most times this will be the first and maybe only meet a customer will have with your brand before deciding whether or not to purchase your product or not. It is therefore imperative that your customers get exactly the message you want them to have about your brand when they interact with your package. According to Amanda ‘If you want your packaging to tell your own story, consider these questions for your designs:

  • What does your brand stand for?
  • How do you want customers to feel when they use your product?
  • How does your product resonate with your customers’ desires, fears, ambitions, values, etc?

Having your packaging designs incorporate the story your brand tells is an especially impactful way to truly connect with your market niche.’

7. Use of gradients in package graphics:



Showing brilliant color gradients is becoming a powerful design technique that many designers are favoring of recent; and I am not just talking about packaging designs only. Even in modern website designs, logos and so on, designer, especially in the minimalist 2.0 movement are favoring this technique. It gives you the ability to venture a little without distracting your customers too much from what is most important. Giving your packaging some character without distracting from the product itself. It is a good way to go especially looking at products to be displayed in stores; it is a way to make your product stand out.

There are other trends in the year you can also consider for your product packaging, Black and white packaging, sustainable packaging, artisan packages and so on. You can give us a call to discuss the different popular trends of 2019 with you.

And Finally on Modern Trends Packaging and Box Designs

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