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Estimated budget for the project.


Based on the budget-customization balance, we have developed 4 service segmentation summarized below:

Bronze (Katana)

These are predefined product and service offerings for our clients whose main consideration is budget only. We diligently strike the critical balance between price and quality to meet and surpass the needs of clients.

Silver (Zanpakuto)

This service segmentation caters for the needs of smaller businesses with little branding needs. This includes corporate clients who limited brand needs but at a budget. Here we adapt existing resources to meet our specific client's needs, because it's always about you!

Gold (Shikai)

This is the service segment that caters for the needs of our enterprise clients. Here a special team is set up to manage and implement the projects in this segment. Here, our enterprise clients get full customization for services with the main emphasis on quality and the customer's brand needs.

Platinum (Bankai)

These are for high profile projects who have special needs and in many cases require special products and service categories designed specifically for them. This involves cases where clients may require special technologies imported or developed just for them, so as to fit strict specification guidelines.