About Us

The Image Makers Company was created to promote excellence in branding. It is a platform where we assemble the most elite team of creative designers, give them access to the very best of training in the field of creative designs and provide them with access to work on projects alone or in teams, giving them the opportunity to bring their values and excellence to the fore in solving business and societal problems. Basically, we are creating the atmosphere for a timely revolution in the creative designs space in the market.


Our mission at The Image Makers Company is to interpret the ideas of our clients and express them graphically and purposefully, helping them tell a brand story that catches and maintains the attention of the target audience. Our definitive objective is to guarantee value for the investment of our clients.


Innovation. Passion. Service


Professionalism. Functionality. Beauty and Aesthetics


Reliable and effective service delivery

Speed and dexterity


Priority on customer satisfaction at all times

Resolute integrity and

Excellent team work


The registration process is summarized below:

  1. You will send us an email to, copying, on your official communication email stating the following information:
    1. Your bios (name, gender, phone number, contact information for project notification, state and city of residence etc).
    1. A brief work history indicating how long you have been using your skill
    1. Some samples of your best work on a pdf file or a zip folder)

All of reasonable file size.

  • After this you will be sent the Community Guidelines and Regulations and the Product Differentiation Policy, indicating the guidelines and regulations of the creative designs community as well as our products and client categories of our organization (i.e. this document) so that you will indicate the services you will be offering).
  •  Based on the information above, you will then fill the Products and Services Form as applicable to you, as indicated in this document, with the attachment of your portfolio that will be used to build your profile according to the guidelines contained in this document. Please your are expected to read these documents carefully as proceeding with the registration process, means you have accepted the terms and conditions in the Community Guidelines and Regulations and the Product Differentiation Policy documents.
  • After this, you will then be given some tests for the services indicated based on the service classes to determine your proficiency level for the services. Please note this is not a right or wrong scenario here, we just want to know the level to categorize you in. Decisions on whether to stay or not in the community is made at the first stage of this process, except for the case where the portfolio designs are not yours i.e. you cannot prove that you can reproduce it.
  • You will then receive a reply on the result of the test and indications will be communicated appropriately if we will need some more clarification for the services.

And then we go to market

Proficiency Levels

The grading will be based on the different skill levels members are tested by. Those in the pro- level are 3 and above, and have excelled in interpretation of customer concepts. Use of tools and templates are the basic skills. Below are the proficiency levels:

  • Entry: Basic, Use of design tools. For only bronze level clients
  • Advanced Beginners: advanced learners, Use of and Replication Templates. For mostly bronze level and lower level silver customer segments.
  • Competent: Standard level for designers. Interpretation of concepts given by potential customers. Will service up to gold clients.
  • Proficient: Advanced Designer. Will have to excel in Creativity and Concepts Developments. Will participate in some platinum projects with little or no complications.
  • Expert: Highest level of proficiency Customer Brands Concepts Development

Advancement in the proficiency level increases with completed projects, proving advancement in proficiency.

Important Points to note for Community Members

Please note that care is being taken by TIMC to ensure that everybody in the community gets access to the right jobs that match their proficiency level and skill type, and so to accomplish this task we require that you take note of these important points.

  • Below is the summary of the order process:
    • When a customer posts a job request, it is received and processed through our database.
    • Only designers with the skill type and competence level will be contacted.
    • Detailed email will be sent on the product specifications, project duration and other details of the project, and also an alert on any of the chosen or preferred platforms.
    • Designers will be expected to respond to the alerts immediately if they are available for the project as well as the email.
    • Then a job proposal should be sent within the stipulated time, indicating the pricing and designers note, which includes the general concept and approach for the project. Please note that proposals will be treated based on first come first serve according to the terms and conditions.   
    • Designers chosen will be contacted as well as the other members making up the 4-man project implementation matrix.
    • Payments are made after client accepts the final work.
    • Please note that calls will be made for speed orders and designers will be made to decide on the spot their availability to complete the project within the time.
    • Also, the procedure is modified for bronze orders. As templates will be sent to the clients and the template that is chosen will be given to the owner of the template. other relevant members will be contacted to implement the project only with the unavailability of the owner of the template.
  • Proposals will be treated on a first come first serve basis before other considerations can be applied.
  • It is therefore advised that you check your registered media as often as possible, so that you do not miss out on jobs you would have otherwise been qualified for.
  • Choose as many media of communication as possible to increase your chances of being reached. Some media may be used by default by us.
  • Also important to note is that the number of jobs you get will be greatly enhanced by participation in community and volunteer projects. This give you the opportunity to showcase your skills and increase the number of projects completed by you.

Please, we advise that you read carefully the Community Guidelines and Regulations document to intimate yourself with the full details of the process summarized above.


Creative Designs

Our creative designs solutions are at the core of our operations. Our singular purpose is to promote excellence in creative designs and raise the standards of designs a notch higher in all locations we operate. This is the passion that drives every member of our community and moves us to continuously push the frontiers of creative designs.

Our services are classified into three:

Standard designs: completed within standard time. For example 2 to 3 days or as the case may be; 

Express designs:  which can be completed within a very short period of time as short as less than 24 hours; 

 Design support, when you have a project and you want us to provide design support on-demand for you or for your general operations over a period of time when it is not economical to hire a designer.

Our designs offerings include:

Graphics and Designs

Services include still graphics, logo designs, info-graphics, fliers and poster designs, social media designs, book covers and packaging, online and offline banner ads, presentation designs, large format designs, IV’s designs, office stationery and business cards and other graphics designs


Services include cartoons and caricatures, vector tracing, Illustration based logos and general illustrations.

2D/3D Modelling

Services include 2D modelling, 3D modelling, architectural designs, interior designs and so on

Web Designing

Services include front end designs, WordPress, ecommerce websites, regular corporate presence websites. We will help you create the right online presence for your organization. Except otherwise stated, CMS’s like WordPress is the standard format for regular projects. You indicate if you will be using other technologies. Higher service segments will use a more specialized language.

Animations and Video Editing

Services include animations and motion graphics, white board videos, explainer videos, video editing and so on. We help you create professional videos to meet whatever needs you may have. 

Photography and Photo Editing

Services include professional photography services, photo manipulations and editing, professional pictures of different theme and so on.

Guaranteed Quality Printing:

We understand how important quality printing is to designs, that is why we have gone the extra mile to make excellent printing easy to access through our platform. Leveraging on the latest of technologies and world best practices we provide our fast growing clients with the best of print quality and production, putting their needs as the primary consideration. Clients are free to use their own designs or have us create the designs with our team of creative designs experts, the choice is always theirs.

Our printing offerings include:

Brochures, Books and Magazines

Items in this category include single leaf, bi-fold or tri-fold marketing brochures, novels, magazines, bulletins and so on. Excellence in quality for all our products is the reason we are in business and it is guaranteed So, you can give your printing to us and be rest assured that we will give you the quality you desire.

Events and Occasions

Each occasion is unique and every event is peculiar. Whether you want us to print just an item or you want us to do a complete branding for your event, we are committed to give you excellence in quality products and service. Get the best of branded gift items, IV’s, souvenirs etc.


Whether for promoting a new product or just for inviting people to an event or a program, flyers are effective media through which to communicate with your target audience. They come chiefly as a one-sided print or 2-sided and can be on different papers types or card papers. They are also available in different sizes too.

Large Format Printing

Get top quality large format printing for your organizations or for your special events at unbelievable prices. We have available different types of materials and sizes. You also have the option of either printing alone or having us frame and install them where necessary. Services include billboards, rollup banners, framed banners, pop-ups, window graphics, SAV prints and so on.  

Office Items and Stationery

Get good quality branded office items and stationery from us at excellent prices. Every material that your organization has, should speak a coherent and very compelling brand message, about the excellence that your company stand for. Let us take your branded office and business materials to the next level. Products include branded pens, jotters calendars, mugs etc.


The winning company of the 21st century pays a very close attention to the very small details of all aspects of their business, so that they all tell a coherent brand story of the business. Starting from the office labels, to instructions within the organization or even the sign outside their office spaces, they must all portray a coherent brand identity. Services include outdoor signs, office labels, light boxes, indoor signs, outdoors pylons etc.

Souvenirs and Gift Items

Kindly let us know what you want branded and we will make it a reality. We ensure that every product that our clients purchase meets world class quality standards. Products includes notepads, diaries, crystal balls etc.

Other Print Items

Whether you are engaging in a social or political campaign, you seek to share the love of the season or you are just repping your sports team or your passion, let us help you add some fun and colour to your life. Products include company T-shirts and hoodies, team jerseys etc.

Branding Services

Our branding solution is built on our total commitment to the ideal of professionalism and excellence in branding. Our goal is to promote excellence in branding for all classes of our customers, from the small die-hard football fan who wants to rep his club, to the large conglomerate who wants to make a compelling brand statement.

Our branding services is divided broadly into 

Brand Identity Development: so whether you want us to develop a new brand identity for your organization.

Branding Concepts Development: you want us to package an idea, event or your passion for you.

Our branding offerings include:

Corporate Branding

Through our corporate branding service, we help organizations give a coherent portrayal of their brand identity through every aspect of their organization ranging from the receipt they give to their clients to their work spaces. We believe that everything in your organization, up to the most mundane thing like your pens, should all communicate a coherent brand message of your organization.

Personal Branding

Whether you are branding your birthdays, weddings, funerals, get together or even yourself we help bring your imaginations to life. At The Image Makers Company, our work starts from conceptualization of ideas, creations of designs concepts or the printing and production of the individual brand items. Whatever you want us to do, we are always at your service. We will work diligently to first understand the mind and intentions of our clients, before custom designing a solution that will meet their specific needs.

Events Branding

This will include conferences, AGMs, meetings and the likes. Through this service, we will help you develop a coherent identity for every aspects of your event. We take the minutes detail into consideration and develop a powerful and coordinated brand identity for your event.

Enterprise Solutions (Corporate Services)

This usually includes adapting specific products and services to specific brand requirements of a corporate organization. So, a designer that receives these projects from the client is likely to handle all subsequent projects from the client.

 Our Corporate Services is divided into two broad service categories:

 Enterprise level services: Enterprise solutions are designed for high volume customers with a high minimum annual turnover with us. They get the privilege of having more customized services with us.

Business services: This service category is for smaller businesses that are more conscious of cost than their larger counterparts, but are still keen on getting excellence at their budget.

Services offered are diverse and dependent on the client’s preferences, but the common services under this category include:

Digital Creative Designs

This includes graphics designs, logo designs, interiors modelling, graphics support for services and so on.

Web Development

We will help you create a befitting web presence for your organization. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your website speaks the same compelling brand language to all your visitors

Small Format Print Production

Whatsoever your printing needs are, we employ the latest of print technologies to give sharp and excellent quality always. With us, whatever your printing needs are, you just need to imagine it and we will create your imaginations for you.

Large Format Print Production

We create durable and very high quality billboards and signs. Whether you want indoor signs or large outdoors billboards we will help you produce the best quality possible in good time.

Branding Services

Do you want to have a coherent and very compelling brand identity that is consistent everywhere? We will help you develop a coherent brand identity for every aspect of your organization. Services include corporate branding, brand identity development for new organizations, concepts branding and events branding.

Interior Designs and 3D modelling

From your front desk right to the very offices of your chief executive, we will develop a coherent theme for you organization. We take every single detail into consideration when designing the interior of your organization to fit into the general culture of your organization.


The genius of The Image Makers Service delivery is our ability to delicately match excellence in quality with the budget concerns of our clients. While we know that some clients might not be willing to put a budgetary constrain on the implementation of some projects, some others might be working based on tight budgetary allowances and still desire excellence in quality. Based on the budget-customization balance, we have developed 4 service segmentations into which we have divided our services. These are summarized below:

Katana (Bronze) – Code KTN

These are predefined product and service offerings for our clients whose main consideration is budget only. Here, we leverage on the economics of scale and pre-design and pre-produce these class of products and services so that they are affordable to this category of customers. For this category, you can produce templates for services and use the templates to adapt to the projects of the clients as the case may be, but with adherence to the minimum levels of quality and professionalism as practiced in the community. For this category prices will be preset and be contained in product papers you will be aware of, and you will just choose, like for the other categories, if you will take the project. This is usually for individual customers and since you are adapting a template, you can use one design for as many customers as possible, just adapting them to the particular project requirements. Product goes straight to quality control without passing through the 4-man Project implementation matrix.

Zanpaktou (Silver) – Code ZPT

This service segmentation caters for the needs of next level of clients (both business and individual), who though they have a budget, but require more customization. Here, you will have to design from scratch for the individual service but with limited scope and customizations, with us determining the production modalities including payment terms, production procedure and so on. For example, websites designed in this category is usually with a maximum number of page restrictions the client cannot go beyond; for general designs, limited reviews, restricted number of samples and so on. Here we endeavour to balance our client’s interest, based on the best possible technology in the market that is available at the budget of the client. In this segment of our service, reasonable allowance is given to the client to make basic customizations to our predefined service offerings. Clients include smaller businesses and SME’s, some individuals with regular budgets for projects and so on.

Shikai (Gold) – Code SHK

For this category there is full customization and production is done to the strict specifications of a client. Here a special team is set up to manage and implement the projects in this segment. To be part of this categories you will have to be at proficiency level (three 3), with proven competency in the particular area of the project. Design will be from scratch obviously, with a lot of development of concepts to interpret the needs of the client. Here there is little to no restrictions to the number of revisions and samples until the exact specification for the client is met. Also, they will have special technical teams for all their projects. This is the service segment that caters for the needs of our regular enterprise clients and bigger individual clients.

Bankai (Platinum) – Code BKI

These are for high profile clients who have special needs and in many cases require special products and service categories designed specifically for them. This involves cases where clients may require special technologies imported or designed just for them. This category is only available for expert level (level 5) designers with only simpler cases being opened to level 4 designers, based on the discretion of the project manager. This is usually common where the most important consideration of a client is getting the project done according to their guidelines and specification, before any other consideration. This usually includes high profile projects for large corporations and multinationals who have a special project or high net worth individuals too.


Kindly fill the Products and Services Form using the format below. Go through the important points to note before creating your forms.

S/N Service Category Sub-Category Specific Products Segmentation (Proficiency Level to be Tested) Proposed Prices (Naira) Remark
1. Creative Designs Logo Designs Vector based Logos ZPT 5,000,000 KTN; BKI. (other remarks  can come below these)
        SHK 10,000,000  
    Website Design Nil ZPT 10,000,000 KTN; BKI. *5 revisions

*this is an example of what the remark column might contain

Important Points to Note

  • Proposed prices are subject to pricing guidelines as contained in the Community Guidelines and Regulations.
  • Bronze services may be indicated but they have a special pricing system that will be implemented later. You may indicate it in the remark section using the format in the form above.
  • You may send it on pdf format except you are having difficulty; you may then request to send in other formats including Microsoft word or excel formats.
  • Subcategories without Specific products like websites should be left as nil.
  • Please note that no price should be indicated for platinum services. If members want to be considered for platinum level testing, they should indicate in the remark section in the format above

Portfolio Designs Submission Guidelines

  1. A minimum of five samples of the specific products indicated should be submitted.
  2. Files should be submitted in .jpeg or .png formats for picture based outputs and video outputs should be in .mp4 and .3gp. Otherwise, you may confirm via email the specific formats you may want to submit it in. screenshots with the links should be use for websites.
  3. Pictures should be of very high quality. Blurred pictures will be returned as this will be used in promotional purposes as well as prepare your profile book for potential customers.
  4. Please note that quality of files will be graded by the highest service segmentation you indicate in the form. Files that do not meet the required standard will be returned or a lower level will be proposed for the product.