When planning for your packaging, it is also becoming important to plan for the unboxing experience for your customers also. What is an unboxing experience? You guessed it right, it is the very act of removing your product from the packaging or box, and yes it is a thing, a big thing. Customers regard user experience as the most important service any business provides. They’ll base purchase decisions on it. They’ll pay more for it. And they’ll tell each other about it. So if you want more referrals, better customer retention and access to a content marketing channel you just can’t get any other way, you need a great unboxing experience.

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Also important is that there is a cultural support for this activity (a growing group of customers who will recognize and truly appreciate it), so it might be worth the investment in the medium term.

here are some important things to note when planning an effective unboxing experience:

Use branded boxes

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Of course this should go without saying, but it still has to be said. The whole experience should be about bringing your brand closer to the hearts of your clients, if there is no brand to bring close, then the whole purpose of the experience is defeated before it starts.

 Use unique packing material

This is where you can choose to be different from your competition. Branding your internal materials could be a cool way to bringing this all together. While some items may require additional padding for the protection of the goods, you could play around with the choice of items you use, or even the qualities of the item like color, texture and so on. Just add a splash of fun into the unboxing experience for you customers.

Think about product presentation

Like bigcommerce.com artfully puts it, your presentation inside the box is just as important as the outside! To successfully create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers, it is important you carefully plan out what your customers will see as they open the box, what they experience as they see the product, and as they remove the products, every single detail. You do not have to add a gold coin on the product, or spray a bottle of Christian Dior perfume on the box (if you feel the product is worth it please by all means do that), just a little tweaking of the packaging could very much just do the trick.

Consider giving a free sample

Have you ever found some money in your pocket when you were not expecting any? Imagine your client gets that kind of feeling when unboxing your product, just to find a useful size of another product besides his/her purchase. That is golden I would think for any brand owner. The funny thing is that it doesn’t have to be big, just a little extra something the client can use, or eat, especially with the purchase, could go a long way to bring your brand and product closer to their hearts.

Add a Touch of Personalization


This is mostly feasible when you have the personal details of the customer especially for products that are ordered online. It could be a hand written note a postcard, a thank you card or even a modified receipt that says a little more than ‘this is how much your product is worth’. The idea is to tell the customer you know him/her and appreciate them.

Include Important Inserts

This could mean anything from branded stickers, small gift items or souvenirs, even a product brochure for what you might consider related items to their purchase, it is all allowed. Also, if your product requires some form of direction for use, you could also find a fun way to include the information as a postcard, or even a leaflet. The whole idea is to use The Unboxing Experience to create an emotional connection between your customer and your brand.

Try to Make The Unboxing Experience Unpredictable

of course this may be thought to be only feasible for small businesses but it does not necessarily have to be so. This will definitely make a customer feel like you have dedicated some time to making the product special to them and could in turn give some very loyal customer base for your brand. Regardless of how large your brand is, you could add one or two more processes to your assembly and line and viola we are here, returns of brand loyalty could be worth it, you know.

Please, Please and Please keep it Simple


The experience should enhance the actual unboxing process and not hamper it. It is important to know that maybe not all customers may appreciate or notice your kind gesture, at least the first time. For example one just has a fight with his or her spouse and unfortunately picks that time to open your packaging; I think you get what I mean. So, it is important to ensure that the experience you are planning does not get in the way of the actual unboxing of the product, plus it almost always pays to keep things simple.

And Finally on What to Know About ‘The Unboxing Experience’ of Your Client

The whole idea is to be deliberate about every aspect of your brand. Everything you do should be saying something, positive, about your brand. Every experience, every encounter your client has with your brand, from an ad on a billboard, to the unboxing of your product, should all add up to a beautiful narrative you are relating to the customer.


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